“Marcus Nance has a set of pipes that can fill a stadium. His vocal performance as Judge Turpin is wonderful and sends shivers down your spine. Every time he enters the stage, the audience is hooked, and he keeps their attention with ease.”

New York Theatre Guide

“Marcus Nance gives the production’s standout performance as the corrupt Judge Turpin: with his stunning singing voice and commanding physical presence, he is horribly convincing as a man who aborts justice and tramples morality…”

The Toronto Star

” booms with a thrillingly powerful bass-baritone”

The New York Times

“As the high priest Caiaphas, Marcus Nance has a bass that flows like melted butter.”

Backstage New York

“Marcus Nance has an unusual knack for projecting his magnetic personality into his character. He was extremely effective in complementing his voice with such a pleasant personality as the voice sparkled with an infectious grace.”

The Chicago Defender

“It is rare to hear a voice like Marcus Nance’s… deep as the ocean one moment, and soaring with pure emotional height the next. It is gorgeously refreshing, dazzlingly impressive and makes me long for the days when such lush voices were not such an anomaly on Broadway.”


“Marcus Nance practically carries the production with a rich powerful bass tone and a genuinely moving expression both vocally and facially.”

Musicworks Magazine

“Fans of cabaret, jazz or musical theatre have hit the motherlode here; Nance’s deep bass brings a unique flavour to these oft-heard classics. With only piano accompaniment and his remarkable voice, Nance transports you to an elegant evening of cabaret and sophistication.”

FAB Magazine

“… an authoritative Triton with his resonant bass-baritone in an athlete’s body. It is largely due to his fine acting that Triton’s complete change of view comes across so convincing.”


“… and the WOW voice – Marcus Nance, and his bass notes as Caiaphas that almost vibrate the theater.”

FM News 101.9 New York

“Marcus Nance blew the audience away. His voice reflected the beast’s torture and torment… Nance’s powerful acting likely inspired the most emotion from the audience.”

The Gazette (London, Ontario)